PHASE ONE (Completed)

  • Brainstorming phase
  • Agree on concept
  • Create a brand (Name, Logo, Socials)
  • Create source code for smart contract
  • Deploy and verify contract on
  • Create launch website + content
  • Add liquidity and launch our Token

PHASE TWO (Completed) 

  • Apply lessons learned from initial launch
  • Migration to reduce max supply
  • New Logo reveal 
  • Continue Marketing and growing the community
  • Onboard New Partners for marketing and community engagement 
  • Build relationships with contractors, realtors, vendors 
  • BETA Release of                        (Continue to build out functionality) 


  • Partner with other crypto projects
  • Release enhancements for
  • Market Place Release (Beta Release)
  • Lockbox (Beta Release)
  • Grow Our Community 
  • Exchange Listings 
Road Map